Environment Monitor/Camera/Gateway

Smart Switch

Stylish design, energy saving

Dream Flower

A multifunctional vase


Dora Home





The inspiration of Dora APP originates from Doraemon’s magical pocket, telling a story that Dora evolves from V6 to become a brand new version of APP combined with AI.

Smart Lighting


Light is never just illumination
Interlaced light can dance
Different light rendering a home different

No need to renovate home circuits




Supports both local and remote control, and working conditions feedback

Supports local control and remote control

Indoor Security Camera


AI Human shape detection, more accurate alarm
Large format 1 / 2.7 inch CMOS image Sensor
A high power motor built in
Panoramic PTZ view for real-time monitoring

Supports two-way voice call
Supports pushing alarm notifications to APP in real time

Vivi Switch Serial
Soft LED indicator light, with luminous navigation function
Magnetic suction type installation structure, convenient and fast
Supports lighting control, binding and scene control.…

Smart Lock



Fashionable design with many international design awards


Provides real-time feedback of abnormal lock state
Sleek and modern design
Supports remotely authorizing temporary password
Multiple unlocking methods/ Smart doorbell / Push notifications
Door status feedback
Multi-user management / Class C lock


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