iDC Home Laboratory Project Research


The iDC Home Laboratory research was launched by Professor Josep M. who is specialized in the Micro grids programs at the Department of Energy Technology of Aalborg University. The iDC Home laboratory aimed to demonstrate the viability of technical and cost advantages of using low voltage DC technology for supplying residential consumers in favor of traditional AC.

The iDC Home laboratory consisted of an Energy Management System, multiple power electronics converters, and multiple DC busses with different voltage levels. Also, in order to have full controllability of the system, the iDC Home laboratory was equipped with smart devices, which are designed and manufactured by Wulian, aiming to increase safety, comfort, flexibility and efficiency; meanwhile the wireless communication system between devices also reduced the simplicity of the installation to its minimum.
The Energy Management System (EMS) in addition with the Wulian´s smart devices allowed users to have full-access to the system’s information, and also provided the user the option to remotely control the system. The energy management system monitored the generation and consumption, received all the data from the appliances through Wulian smart devices, which worked and provided valuable information to the energy management system as described, to efficiently manage the new DC distribution system.