Together, Makes Better ---- Belarus Smart Home Project


With the increasing popularity in IoT and the related industries, smart home is not only limited to the young and the affluent, or the tech-savvy, more and more families and individuals are willing to experience the positive changes in living brought by smart home.
In December 2015, Belarus Telecommunications (Beltelecom) started to build the Smart Home project, targeting 200,000 households locally, which enables users to enjoy access to home security intelligence, cloud storage, home automation, home digital life, big data, and others. In this project, it takes advantage of Huawei’s broadband terminal and Openlife platform, integrates Wulian’s sensors and controllers, utilizes Beltelecom’s operator channel, to promote an advanced Smart Home solution and enhance user experience for Belarus people.
Through cooperation and involvement in the Belarus Smart Home Project, Wulian gets more prepared for the upcoming challenges in the IoT and Smart Home related industries.